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Conventional Coil Feed Systems

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Conventional Coil Feed Systems

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Gemini 30K w/ Heat Shield

The Universal Feed & Machine Gemini 30K is a complete, heavy-duty system that can run two types of materials at the same time. It features the latest heat-shield technology with a total payout of 30,000 lbs.

  • Maximum Coil Weight: 30,000 Lbs.
  • Expansion Range: 19.5” to 24.5”
  • Maximum Stock Width: 42”
  • Maximum Stock Thickness (MCRS,SS – up to 60,000 psi yield) at 18”: .220”(5.5mm)
  • Maximum Stock Thickness (MCRS,SS – up to 60,000 psi yield) at 24”: 157” (4mm)
  • Maximum Stock Thickness (MCRS,SS – up to 60,000 psi yield) at 42”: 110” (2.8mm)
  • Maximum Stock Thickness (MCRS,SS – up to 60,000 psi yield) at 30”: 137” (3.5mm)
  • Minimum Stock Thickness: 015” at 42”

Conventional Coil Feed Lines

A conventional line’s versatility can offer distinct advantages. Variable speed Laser loop controls can ensure the straightener keeps running to avoid damaging surface-critical material. Safety and coil retention devices for containing thick material and recipe-driven automated setups are available. The addition of a pull-thru straightener to the feed can further enhance versatility.

scissor-lift threading table that seats in the looping pit

This line is rated for 30" wide material and up to .312" thick material. It has a scissor-lift threading table that seats in the looping pit and allows for a simple and effective "tail out" mode. It also incorporates a crop shear on the exit side of the servo press feed.

This line is rated for 40,000 lbs. x 60 inches wide material

This line is rated for 40,000 lbs. x 60" wide material. The versatility of this line is enhanced by the use of two straighteners. The large powered straightener handles the bulk of the material while the auxiliary pull-through straightener mounted at the feed is suited for lighter gauge materials.

High Strength Steel Coil Feed Lines

High strength steels require that special considerations be taken when building a coil feed line.

reel-based system for high strength steel

This reel-based system for high strength steel demonstrates optimum safety and production. By including top and bottom coil containment arms, safety is assured when the bands are cut on high strength, heavy gauge coils.

massive coil line is rated for 60” wide material x .250” thick (36” x .500”) at a hardness of up to 120 KSI

This massive coil line is rated for 60" wide material x .250" thick (36" x .500") at a hardness of up to 120 KSI. This line feeds massive twin, 2,200 ton tandem transfer presses. The straightener in the base of the cradle has eight-inch diameter straightener rolls and the side plates are 3" thick! The cradle can handle 40,000 lbs. coils and includes many safety and peeling devices to keep operators safe and coil threading efficient. The servo feed also has an additional straightener behind it to add additional straightening capability to the system. The overhead deflector system eliminates the need for a looping pit and keeps the line modular. Truly a massive line for heaviest, high strength material.

Individual Press Room Equipment

Individual Press Room Equipment

Servo Feeds:

  • Roll widths from 12" to 84"
  • Material Thickness capacity up to .750"
  • Feed roll diameters from 2.5" to 8"
  • Servo Feeds with pull-thru straighteners and powered feeder/straighteners are also available

Powered Straighteners

Powered Straighteners:

  • Straightener roll sizes from 2.25" to 8"
  • Widths to 84": Material thickness capacity up to .750"
  • Engineered for reliability
  • Many safety and automation features available

Coil Reels and Load Cars

Coil Reels and Load Cars:

  • Capacities from 1,500 lb. to 60,000
  • Width ranges from 12” to 84”
  • Pull-off & powered models
  • Single or Double arm designs
  • Integrated Coil Load Cars, Coil Storage Racks and Coil Upenders available

Specialized Control Solutions

Loop Optimization

Loop Optimization

This feature integrates the speed of the feeder and straightener or reel to provide a much smoother loop control. A PLC communicates the average line speed calculated at the feeder and sends this information to the straightener or reel, thus allowing the backend of the line to respond with an ideal payout of slack. This optimization provides for a less violent slack loop, providing a smooth flow of material to the feeder.

Line Automation

Line Automation

  • Allows for "one button" setup of entire feed line.
  • Any powered axis may be automated
  • Position of automated axis is stored in recipe storage
  • Automated axis can include: feed cabinet height, straightener roll depth, vertical edge guides and reel position.

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