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SmartSaver Coil Feed Systems

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SmartSaver Coil Feed Systems

The SmartSaverHD builds on many of the strengths of the SmartSaver. The addition of the heavy-duty pull-off roll enhances the versatility of the system by forcing material into a larger slack loop space. The SmartSaverHD is ideal for thicker materials and/or longer feed lengths, making it a great choice for blanking, progressive die, and transfer press applications.

SmartSaver develops the loop below the spindle, saving considerable floor space. By combining this space-saving loop design with a feeder/straightener combo, the total footprint of the feed line is often only 15-18 feet. Pilot release for both feed and straightener rolls is available, making this an ideal design for progressive die applications.

SmartSaver MD

SmartSaver MD

This space saving design combines a feeder/straightener with a powered reel. The slack loop is developed below the spindle, reducing floor space significantly compared to conventional slack loops. We offer numerous optional features to suit specific application requirements, including peelers, hold down arms, or pilot releases. This amazingly compact line takes up only 16 feet, yet is rated for 30" wide x 15,000 Lbs. coils! This system is designed for lighter gauge materials needing to be run in a compact setting. By developing the loop below the spindle and incorporating a feeder with a pull-thru straightener, significant floor space is conserved.

Space saving design combines a feeder/straightener with a powered reel

SmartSaver HD

Another space saving design in feeding equipment is our innovative SmartSaver. For many applications, SmartSaver can save as much as 50% of the floor space required by a conventional feed line without sacrificing performance. SmartSaver comes in two primary designs as shown here. Lines can be designed to handle material up to 72" wide, high strength steel and coil weights up to 60,000 Lb. The list of standard features is long, yet you can also select from several options to tailor the SmartSaver to solve your application’s unique challenges. All of this for a price that is often LESS than a comparable conventional feed line. So why waste valuable floor space? SmartSaver provides maximum performance with minimum space.

SmartSaver HD - space saving design in feeding equipment
  • Widths from 12" to 72 (6" increments)
  • Thickness up to .125" (..375" HD model)
  • Coil weights ranging from 6,000 lbs. to 60,000 lbs.
  • Lift assist "tongue" to simplify threading (systems w/o coil cars)
  • Powered rollers on coil car for easy threading
  • Pivoting rocker arm for hands-free threading
  • Integrated debender, included to induce a reverse-bend in thicker materials and ease threading
  • Adjustable feed height cabinet (+/-5")
  • Pilot release of feed and upper straightener rolls
  • Powered feeder/straightener or servo press feed with pull-thru straightener
  • Powered reel
  • Motorized coil keeper rolls
  • Hydraulic reel travel for coil centering
  • "SmartLoop" control to control feeder and payout drives for more precise loop control
  • Failsafe disc brake (10,000 lbs. capacity and higher)
  • Three or four mandrel pad reel construction with inner and outer keeper arms
  • Photo eye or laser loop control
  • Slant top operator station with color touch screen
  • Centralized controls for complete line (pendants included for feeder and reel/coil car)
  • Heavy-duty "C" framed edge guides
  • Full-width feed rolls with matte finish
  • High torque screw jacks used for upper straightener roll adjustment
  • Hold down arm with powered wheel
  • Powered, pull off roll for feeding heavier-gauge material into the slack loop (HD model only)
  • Powered and/or automated cabinet height, straightener roll and edge guide adjustment
  • Ethernet connectivity for drive system

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